Which Two Countries Signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement

The Anglo-German Naval Agreement was a significant agreement signed between Germany and the United Kingdom in 1935. It was a momentous event in the history of Europe as it signaled a significant shift in the balance of power leading up to the Second World War. This agreement is often studied by historians and political scientists for its impact on the course of history.

One question that often arises is which two countries signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement? The answer is Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). This agreement was signed on June 18, 1935, and was negotiated between the German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and the British Foreign Secretary Sir Samuel Hoare.

This agreement had far-reaching implications for the military capabilities of both nations. The agreement allowed Germany to build up its navy to reach a level of 35% of Britain`s naval strength in key assets such as cruisers, destroyers, and submarines. In return, the UK was granted certain concessions, including a promise from Germany to respect the Treaty of Versailles and to limit the size of its navy. This agreement was seen as a way of avoiding a costly arms race between the two nations and preventing further escalation of tensions in Europe.

However, the positive impact of the agreement was short-lived. In 1939, Germany broke the agreement and began a substantial naval buildup beyond the limits agreed upon in the Anglo-German Naval Agreement. This led to renewed tensions between the two nations and ultimately played a significant role in the outbreak of the Second World War.

In conclusion, the two countries that signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement were Germany and the United Kingdom. This agreement was an important moment in the history of Europe, marking a shift in the balance of power leading up to the Second World War. While the agreement initially had positive implications, it ultimately failed to prevent further military buildup and tensions between the two nations.

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